Research Scientist, Yeast Metabolic Engineering

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States | Full-time


Manus Bio is a next-generation industrial biotechnology company that produces rare plant-based compounds used as food ingredients, agricultural chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.  We are seeking a motivated individual for a research scientist position that will specialize in metabolic engineering and molecular biology focusing on non-traditional yeasts such as Yarrowia lipolytica. This person will tackle a variety of challenges as an integral part of Manus Bio’s R&D team.

 Why work at Manus Bio:

  • Opportunity – For motivated, results-oriented team members, our growth creates opportunities for personal and professional advancement.
  • Accountability – You are given the resources you need to succeed and the freedom to make it happen; in return, we hold each other accountable for our high expectations.  
  • Passion– We love what we do and enjoy working with others who feel the same way. We embrace the challenge and hard work that come with working on the cutting edge.


  • Design, construct, test, and optimize biosynthetic pathways using metabolic engineering and synthetic biology tools to improve titers, yields, and productivity of engineered strains.
  • Develop and employ molecular biology tools to engineer non-traditional yeasts.
  • Contribute select knowledge to Manus Bio’s yeast program in the fields of biochemistry, bioinformatics, analytical chemistry, and microbial physiology.
  • Work and effectively communication with a multi-disciplinary scientific team to achieve project goals.

  Required Qualifications:

  • Ph.D. in Bioengineering, Biochemistry, Microbiology, or a related field. Candidates with a M.S. degree and demonstrated laboratory experience (4+ yrs) will also be considered, as well as more experienced candidates at an appropriate job title and position.
  • Expertise with genetic engineering tools, including cloning, pathway assembly, and chromosomal manipulation.
  • Experience with Yarrowia lipolytica, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and/or other yeasts is a plus.
  • Additional experience in biochemistry, enzymology, and bioinformatics are a plus.

 To Succeed at Manus Bio, the Candidate Must:

  • Be very well-organized and be able to handle multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Be a quick learner who is self-motivated and able to ask questions and seek clarity.
  • Be flexible with day-to-day duties and able to thrive in a start-up environment.
  • Be an excellent team member with strong communication skills and a desire to work collaboratively.
  • Hold him or herself to the highest professional, scientific and ethical standards.

Job Type: Regular, Full-Time

Employee Status: Permanent